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What does the State of the Art Search provide?
The State of the Art Research provides:

 Probable information source for technical developments and R&D projects
 Possible sources of information for addressing specific problems
 Identification of the potential competitors (and partners)
 Current information about the perceived progress and trends in a given technical field
 Insight for identifying new investment and acquisition areas
 Information about the previous work done
 Details of the discovered problems and the methods of solving them
 Clues about the active bodies in the field of art
Why a State of the Art Search is pivotal in patent search?
The corporate strategy is built on IP strategy, and without conducting an efficient state of the art patent search, the IP strategy could never be formulated. Almost all smart organizations frequently perform the state of the art searches to meet the situations of entering a new field, either through investment or acquisition, while determining the research direction.

The PSI model State of the Art Search
At PSI, we dedicate ourselves to make everything related to patent search cost effective, and fulfill your requirements through a broad range of search results that include:

1) Specification of the aim of the search
2) Detailed description of the scope of the search
3) Overview of the discovered materials and classifying them by their relevance, and
4) Search strategy and databases used for conducting the search