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Here at PSI, we are dedicated to providing the best of the best when it comes to quality and excellence in service for all intellectual property needs – both for large, medium, and small scale businesses. When you are having IP question, and need professional help and a guiding hand to get through it. PSI is here for you! No question is too big or small and with our team on your side, you will get best answer with thorough analysis keeping your business interest in mind and maximise your reach and impact with our one of a kind methodology!

Our Service and Our Difference
We provide services to patent attorneys/patent agent in USA, Canada, and Europe in uniquely designed outsource model were our clients get cost advantages and service that goes above and beyond anything the competition can offer.

Our company is well-versed in the handling intellectual property concerns and implementing modern technologies and practices. When you trust the PSI team, you are trusting experts with a proven track record for success.

To this end, we concentrate on providing the elusive but so very important link between patent ownership and ensuing a good return on investment for corporations, large and small. We answer every question you ask in the process; whether it’s the market trend, patent infringement, novelty, invalidity or support others within your team with matters concerning intellectual property. we offer years of experience, exceptional service, proven track record, and a process that always puts the client first.

PSI does not mint money, but commits helping you build a world around you, where your ideas shine supreme, and a boundless market, to conquer! It’s a treasure trove, indeed!

We’ve been triumphant over for a long time, with credibility bestowed, and hundreds of patent projects fulfilled, in a quick turnaround time. It’s your trust that propels us, and our unparalleled search methodology and credibility is what makes us stand apart, moulding the future for us.

The searching methods of PSI, draw inspiration from the eagle spirit in hunting. It’s a credibility woven formula, made viable, through blending methodology, attitude, and approach. We’re power loaded, ready to strike on information and Prior Art, like an eagle. You know, nothing escapes from the eagle eyes.

We’re extremely good in patent research, with a task pool constantly enriched by esteemed returning clients. That itself vouches for our quality and cost effectiveness in handling search requests.

Why Trust Us?
We understand the business of patents and we have worked with some of the big game players in a wide range of industries. At PSI, our results speak for themselves and our reputation for getting great results has earned us support both near and far.

Our strong focus on patent search methodology allows us to maximise your investment and thanks to the unique approach that we have developed we can make your business a success. Pulling on our deep reserve of corporate expertise, this methodology will ensure that clients will get required documents quickly and easily- without fear of missing any pertinent prior art detailed or missed opportunities!

The Difference We Make
Here at PSI we understand the value of your business and the amount of time , money and effort you put into your business and we are here to help you maximise it and use it to the fullest to advance your business. We have access to databases which contain global patent data coverage.

What most individuals fail to realise is that the bulk of patent documents available globally are non-English, some to the most common being German, Chinese, and Japanese, among others. This is the reason why we have put in place our special methodology of searching, which will ensure a complete and through search of all non-English documents to guarantee you get the best results and the best data analysis possible.
Trust PSI and see for yourself what the crossroads of quality and excellence looks like!

Our Vision
PSI designs a cutting edge Intellectual Property solution, which is the satiation of our greater vision to be ever value-centric, and synonym of reliability, appreciation, excellence, and client oriented approach.
Our Mission
We are passionate about what we do and love excelling by updating and upgrading relentlessly. Our thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and learning evermore is our impetus.
The world is not built in a day, and nothing is similar to another. PSI handles all projects, nurturing this principle, making each a newer one for us. Our teamwork makes things tangible, as we delve deep into comprehensible information, always holding on ethics and client integrity.

Let’s work together
We, at PSI, cherish personalised client service. We listen, weigh, appreciate, and answer your IP questions. What we offer are only effective and feasible solutions to protect your IP rights and business goals. We’re so much motivated to watch you winning through us! Let’s work together!